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An easy way to optimize the HTML5 canvas element’s clearRect function

One of the main challenges in working with HTML5’s canvas element is really optimizing it because you’re dealing with two unknowns, the processing power of the user’s computer and the speed of their browser’s JavaScript engine. You can never know … Continue reading

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Seriously, you need to code every day if you want to be good

When I was younger, I wanted to be a comic book artist, something I think most comic fans want when they’re younger. But, I wasn’t a great artist when I first started drawing, well, even a good one. I compared … Continue reading

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Turn on jQuery and HTML5 code hinting in Komodo Edit

I’ve written before about my quest to find the right code editor. I’ve used everything from Dreamweaver to Notepad++ to Visual Web Developer, but I keep coming back to Komodo Edit. It loads quickly, it’s customizable and it’s free. But … Continue reading

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Build a vertical scrolling shooter game with HTML5 canvas – Part 6

Part 1 – Game Basics Part 2 – Graphics and Lasers Part 3 – Laser Hit Test Part 4 – Ship Hit Test and Score Part 5 – Player Lives and Continue Button Part 6 – Font fixes and Start … Continue reading

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It might be too early to build client work with canvas but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to learn

I’ve been asked a couple of times since HTML5’s canvas element isn’t that widely adopted yet, since versions of Internet Explorer that don’t support it still account for more than 50% of browser market share, why I spend so much … Continue reading

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HTML5 Canvas: You don’t always have to clear the entire thing

When I first started working with the HTML5 canvas element, the one thing I found a bit frustrating was the fact that you had to clear the canvas and then redraw it. Coming from Flash, I wasn’t used to this … Continue reading

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