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Seriously easy jQuery preloader

One of my latest projects is a site with a ton of images and the images have to all load before some JavaScript can run and the site becomes usable. Coming from Flash, my first thought was to use a … Continue reading

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You can’t make cool stuff if they don’t know you can make cool stuff

I was talking to a friend of mine at another web design company and he was complaining about how all the projects he works on are boring and that none of them ever used JavaScript, HTML5 or CSS3 in any … Continue reading

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Build an infinitely scrolling slider with jQuery and images that have various widths

One of the reasons for jQuery’s popularity is you it made it so you didn’t need to use Flash for a simple thing like an image slider on your web site. And, if there’s one thing you don’t have to … Continue reading

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Find the height and width of an image with jQuery in all browsers

Today I came across one those little problems that show up when you’re building things to work in every browser. One a web page, I needed to know the width of an image and I couldn’t hard code it because … Continue reading

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Why I’m going back and learning JavaScript from the beginning

Like a lot of web developers, the route I took to JavaScript development came by way of jQuery. jQuery did and still does the simple things for me and some complex things because it’s just faster. But eventually, I got … Continue reading

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I have no idea what the future of the web is and I don’t think anyone does

I remember when Windows 95 was installed on the computers at my high school and every computer that was connected to the school’s network could access the Internet, it was the first time I was really able to surf the … Continue reading

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Why I used the Flexible Box Model in my blog redesign

This week I redesigned my blog and I decided to used the CSS3 flexible box model to control the positioning of most of the elements. If you’ve taken a look at it, the flexible box model is a great addition … Continue reading

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Pause your HTML5 canvas game

A feature that I think most games need is for the player to be able to pause the game. And it’s surprisingly easy to do this with a game built using the canvas tag and JavaScript. If you’ve been following … Continue reading

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