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I can’t think of a reason why 3000 lines of CSS would be better than 100 lines of JavaScript

Don’t get me wrong, I love CSS and I’m a huge fan of the potential of CSS animations but when I see something like this, I wonder if someone is missing the point. The fact that you could make a … Continue reading

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In the future, there’s going to be Apple users and there’s going to be the rest of the world

I am a firm believer that there’s nothing Apple wants more in the world right now then to get rid of the DVD drive on their computers. Not for performance reasons or for design reason but because they want everyone … Continue reading

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How to use sprite sheets with HTML5 canvas

Sprite sheets have been a part of game development since the mid-70’s and there’s a reason they’re still being used today. It uses less memory and processor power because you can load all of a character’s positions and poses in … Continue reading

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