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Some things I’ve learned in 3 years as a web developer

There have to be few industries that move at the speed that the web does. I can’t believe how many things I learn in school are useless now. Yes, that’s right, I learned Adobe Director. In fact, I remember seeing … Continue reading

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Stuff they don’t tell JavaScript noobs: Making copies of arrays

I’ve decided to do a series, it might be a one post series but I hope not, about the situations I’ve come across while learning JavaScript. JavaScript has been around for forever in internet years and I’ve discovered a couple … Continue reading

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More advanced HTML5 canvas sprite sheet walk cycle animation

One of the key tricks that have been used for at least 30 years by game developers is using sprite sheets to animate characters. This can be done using the HTML5 canvas tag and I’ve talked about it on here … Continue reading

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Quick overview of using addEventListener in HTML5 games

Coming from ActionScript, there are a few things that I forget people who are learning JavaScript who have programming backgrounds with languages like PHP or even straight up HTML/CSS might not be familiar with some of the functions or methods … Continue reading

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