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Build a game using the DOM – Part 1

When I first became interested in building games using the browser and not Flash, I saw the examples people had made using HTML5’s canvas element so I started learning to build things with that. But every once in a while … Continue reading

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I really hope the future of the web is on my TV and not my phone

I’m going to be honest with you, I hate browsing the web on my phone. I check Twitter on it, I check my email, the weather and Wikipedia but i never actually surf the web on it. And it’s not … Continue reading

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Even with a name only an engineer could come up with, querySelectorAll() is pretty awesome

One of the reasons I put up tutorials and code on this site is because if something is wrong, someone will let me know, usually within an hour or two of me posting it. I’m actually really happy with how … Continue reading

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