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Monthly Archives: March 2012

SVG animations for fun and profit!

Guess what’s cool? SVG. Guess what’s even cooler? SVG animation. The crazy thing about SVG animation is there’s a few different ways you can do them. Here’s a quick introduction into some of them. First let’s take a look at … Continue reading

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Quick intro to using SVG in an HTML page

With all the different screen sizes and resolutions that are out there now, using SVG graphics instead of images is a great option. But there’s a couple of problems, at least that I’ve come across. First, for something that’s been … Continue reading

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A bit more on JavaScript prototypes

Just a quick one about JavaScript prototypes. Since my last prototype post, I have a few people email me asking me about some code they’ve written and I’ve noticed one thing. A lot of the code I see looks like … Continue reading

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Build a game using the DOM – Part 4

Previously on Build a game using the DOM, in part 1 we made a block move around with the arrow keys, in part 2 we made our block shoot lasers and in part 3 we added enemies that we could … Continue reading

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If you’re on a journey to become a good developer, keep at it

There’s a gap on the journey to being an expert developer that they don’t tell you about. It’s like a canyon you come across on your trip from beginner to expert. Imagine that learning to program is like walking from … Continue reading

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Update content with contenteditable and jQuery

Recently, I built a site for a client where they wanted to have the ability to make edits to some of the content on the site. Since I wasn’t using full blown content management system for it, they could just … Continue reading

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