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A Couple of Videos That Will Make You a Smarter Web Developer

Jeremy McPeak goes over how to write fast, lightweight JavaScript. You can check out the accompanying article here. This is a video you might want to check out again in 6 months or so if you’re still new to JS. … Continue reading

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Create private variables in JavaScript using closures

When you’re coming from other programming languages to JavaScript one of the things you can find frustrating is the lack of private variables. I know, coming from ActionScript to JavaScript, I was finding myself accidentally overwriting a variable and breaking … Continue reading

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Using conditionals and helpers with Handlebars.js

Last time, we looked at how we can use a JavaScript template, in our case Handlebars.js, to swap out content. But what if we have some content that isn’t going to appear in each of our content blocks? Continuing with … Continue reading

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Use JavaScript templates to swap content

In my previous example of using a JavaScript template, I showed you how to use it to set up some static content. While that’s a good use for JS templates, you can use it to do a lot more. One … Continue reading

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JavaScript templating will make your life a lot easier

I’ll admit it, when I first saw a tutorial explaining how to use JavaScript templates, I didn’t really see the point to it. I thought, if you really wanted to do something like that, you’d just use a server side … Continue reading

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An animated expanding search input is easy with the CSS focus pseudo-class

The great thing about CSS is when you can do something with it, it usually only takes a couple of lines. Recently, I was helping on a project and it had a little effect on the search input where it … Continue reading

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