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Some videos about JavaScript and HTML that will make you smarter

Get Paul Irish and Brendan Eich for the price of one! Paul talks about the past and future of HTML and Brendan talks about the future of JavaScript. Rebecca Murphey takes about writing JavaScript without the DOM and the smart … Continue reading

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Using jQuery and JSON to display content

In my previous post I showed you how to get some data from a JSON file and then add to a web page using jQuery (if you haven’t read that one, you should read it first so this makes sense). … Continue reading

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Getting Started with jQuery and JSON

If you’re passed to absolute beginner stage of learning JavaScript, I’m sure that you’ve at least of of JSON, even if you don’t know exactly what it is. JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is pretty much a JavaScript based alternative … Continue reading

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There’s too many of them!

When I graduated I knew HTML and CSS, I was pretty good with ActionScript, and I could hack together stuff in JavaScript and PHP. (I also knew Lingo but I don’t like to tell people that…) As I ventured out … Continue reading

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