3D in Flash and other links

December 9th, 2009

I recently came across an article about building and controlling 3D sprites using ActionScript 3. It was interesting but even in the demo Adobe provides you can tell Flash still has a way to go before 3D is anything more than a novelty, at least any native 3D. I’ve fooled around with Papervision3D, which still isn’t going to be rendering anything amazing, can still do some neat stuff.

Read a great article at Drawar, which is quickly become a favorite site of mine. Titled You Are Not A Designer And I Am Not A Musician, it has some great points about how many web designers aren’t really designers at all and barely know the basics of design, if even that. Also, check out the Gallery for some great examples of sites built with CSS.

And for some sweet Flash experiments, check out digitals by simppa. Their blog has some amazing stuff and sometimes they even tell you how they did it.

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