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November 15th, 2009

When I was in school, the program I took was called “Web Design” but essentially it was a sampler of all the different languages and applications you can use to build things on the web. Since I love shiny things that move, I was more interested in Flash and Actionscript then I was in PHP or Javascript.

But, in an unfortunate turn of events, Actionscript 3 was released in the middle of my course, so all that AS 2 I’d learned was pretty much useless. And since really my teachers could only teach me the basics with the time they had anyway, I began searching the Internet for what I wanted to learn. That’s when I discovered what is probably the best resource for learning Actionscript – blogs by guys who have been doing this for 10 years.

Over the last couple of years I’ve discovered some great blogs and sites that have taught me a lot.

Lee Brimelow is a Platform Evangelist for Adobe and has one of the best site for learning everything to do with Flash, Flex and Actionscript. His blog is theflashblog.com and his video tutorial site is gotoandlearn.com. He hasn’t been updating as much lately, but there’s tons of stuff there to keep someone busy for a long while.

R Blank know his crap and has two blogs – rblank.com and labs.almerblank.com. His stuff is pretty advanced but you can learn a lot by just picking through the code and learning what does what.

ActiveTuts+ is a great site with tons of step by step tutorials. I find myself doing the tutorials on this site just for fun and they always seem to put up a new one on exactly what I’m trying to figure out at that time.

Another great blog is BIT-101.com by Keith Peters. I mainly follow it because he’s an active iPhone app developer and talks a lot about his experiences with Apple. I was thinking about learning to make stuff for the iPhone until I learned how much of a pain the whole approval process is.

Lastly, another thing I do is type exactly what I’m trying to learn into Google. 99% of the time you won’t be the first person to have this problem and someone out there has probably solved it for them. I’ve learned a lot by just putting the error message I get into Google and finding that others have solved that problem in a way I would never have thought.

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