I think Firefox OS might have as big an impact as the browser has

April 14th, 2013

I love HTML5, I love CSS and JavaScript. So when Mozilla announced Firefox OS or Boot2Gecko as it was called then, you’d think I’d have been excited about it. But at first all I could wonder was why? Did Mozilla really need to get into the ring with Apple and Google? Mozilla is awesome and I’m a huge fan but going up against the big guys like Microsoft and Google when it comes to making free browsers is a whole different world than making the OS that runs a six hundred dollar phone.

But then Mozilla explained that competing against the iPhone and Android wasn’t their objective. It was to make a smartphone for people that didn’t have access to or the resources to buy a cutting edge smartphone. That’s pretty noble and fits right into Mozilla’s vision.

As great as that is, that’s not what has me excited for Firefox OS. It’s the fact that it’s 100% HTML/CSS/JS and that you can access the OS code. Just imagine, you don’t like the way that the phone displays your contacts, you can just go in and change it to be the way you want. Have an idea on how you can improve something? Then do it yourself and put it online for others to use. Come up with a cool little app that would be really helpful for you? Code it up and put it on your phone without having to download Xcode or learn Java.

I’ll be honest with you, I might be a little biased. I’m a huge Mozilla fan and Firefox is my browser of choice. ( If Mozilla needs an awesome JS dev, they should give me a shout :) ) And I’m not sure how Firefox OS is ultimately going to compare to iOS and Android in terms of features but I think it’s a fantastic example of what we can do with HTML5 and JavaScript. Plus, the more competition there is out there, the better it’s going to be for everyone.

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