It’s stuff like this that makes me love being a web developer

March 27th, 2011

A couple of nights ago, I saw a tweet by Lea Verou that linked to a blog post where she pretty much said, “Webkit gradients suck to work with, so I made this tool to make it easier”. Seriously, what other industry would that happen? Some one makes something to make work easier and then puts it online for anyone to use for free.

I get to work in an industry were someone like Paul Irish creates things like Mother effing Text-Shadow and Mother effing HSL, as well as the everything and the kitchen sink HTML5 Boilerplate. Tools that can make every web designer and developer’s life easier and he’s put them out on the web for everyone to use for free. And that’s not counting everything he’s done to help people become better jQuery coders.

And it’s not just individual developers that do this. Both Google and Mozilla are putting a lot of effort into making all the tools and knowledge web designers and developers need to spread a standards based web. Mozilla’s Developer Network is usually my first stop whenever I have a JavaScript or HTML5 question. And their new Web O’ Wonders site is full of great examples to inspire us to take things to the next level. And they’re all open source, so you’re just a right click away from finding out how they did it. Google’s HTML5 Rocks is full of tutorials and code samples. Unlike, with Apple and Microsoft’s HTML5 showcases, these aren’t there to show off what Firefox and Chrome can do, but to show what we as web developers can do now.

I just think it’s amazing that some of the top people in the web design and development community don’t just keep these things to themselves. I love checking Google Reader and Twitter every day because I never know what I’m going to find. And I really hope everyone takes advantage of what’s out there because a web built by better developers is better for everyone.

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