One Game A Month. I’m doing it.

April 4th, 2013

If there’s one thing I really suck at, it’s finishing personal projects. I don’t even want to know how many barely started projects and games I have on my hard drive. So, as a challenge to myself to start finishing what I start, I’m going to tale part in One Game A Month. And I don’t plan on this being a one month thing, I plan on doing it every month.

There’s no rules to this thing, you can use whatever tech you want, Flash, C++, Unity, etc. But, in what should come as no surprise, I’m going to make my games using HTML5. In all my HTML5 game tutorials and experiments, I’ve made shooter games, so for the first couple, at least, I’m going to try to make other types of games, like platformers or puzzle games. And I’ve told myself, even if the game looks like crap or barely works, I’m putting it out there. This why I’ll put my all into it because I want to prove to myself that I can do this.

What do I hope to gain from this besides forcing myself to finish what I start? I want to become even better at writing JavaScript. I want to use other web technologies, like local storage for saving scores. ANd I would love to work my way up to making a game using WebGL. And I’m telling everyone about this so that I can hold myself accountable if I don’t do it

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