I need to start coding in my spare time again

June 4th, 2013

Over the last few months, I’ve stopped coding for fun. There’s a couple of reasons why, I got to a point where most of the stuff I was looking into was getting complicated and after coding all day, I found myself not wanting to code when I got home. Another is I’ve really got back into fitness over the last few months and I’ve been getting used to working out twice a day finding the energy to do other things.

But I’ve decided to start putting aside at least ten minutes a day to code for fun. I was inspired by this post by Christian Heilmann about just coding. I might work on the same thing everyday or I might just mess around with something quick that I thought about on the way home from work. Really, the only rule is that I have to code for at least ten minutes everyday.

I’m also going to get back into blogging but unlike before I’m not going to make all my posts be coding examples like I tried to make a majority of them. I’m going to start posting more videos and links that I come across and also post my opinion about web development because I know everyone wants to know what I think about stuff.

Trust me though, nothing feels better than getting healthy and losing weight. Especially when your job involves sitting at a desk all day.

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